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Park Bom Featured on “10 Idols That Pull Off Crazy Hair: Red Edition”


2NE1’s Park Bom looks great with all types of hair styles.  One color that she seems to repeat often is red–probably because red suits her extremely well. The bright red fits the edginess of 2NE1, and it gives her a feminine and badass look at the same time, which also embodies her stage image and presence. Red is the perfect fit to her strong unique vocals.

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2NE1’s Park Bom & Minzy, ”Different Unique Personalities Shown With Their Fashion”

Girlgroup 2NE1’s Park Bom and Minzy show off their unique personality with their airport fashion.

On the 4th, 2NE1 members appeared on Heathrow International Airport in the UK as they took a flight from South-Korea for the ‘’KBEE 2013’’ event in which they we’re scheduled to perform and have a autograph session the following day.

Park Bom’s fashion was another eye-catcher, as she wore a black turtleneck mini dress showcasing her doll-like legs once again many are envious off. She finished the look with a long denim coat on top and a small orange bag. In particular the big hoops in her ear and her colourful nail art showcased her unique style.

Minzy wore dark blue jeans matched with black boots, a black top and a black and red coat on top. Her tote bag and her stylish sunglasses completed the whole look, her whole look is perfect for the 2013 fall and winter season.

Meanwhile 2NE1 attended the ‘’KBEE 2013’’ event on the 5th in London, UK in which they performed and had a small autograph session for fans.

Source: Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom


brownfashion: The lovely #PARKBOM earlier today at #BrownsFocus. #2NE1 @haroobommi 😘😘

brownfashion: The lovely #PARKBOM earlier today at #BrownsFocus. #2NE1 @haroobommi 😘😘

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Bom’s Recent Style: Major Fashion Update!

I’ve really, really, really procrastinated with these, haven’t I? Anyhow, here’s a bunch of fashion IDs I haven’t gotten to around recently. I WILL NOT FAIL YOU!bom2Their first comeback stage was on Mnet Countdown, which, at first, started out very nice with the Versace Versus rainbow chain dress from the music video. The look was summery, fresh and fun, just like our Bom was. Then, the girls transformed into a more urban feel that 2NE1 is known for.Bom also wore this dress at the Bi Hai Jin Sha Y-POP Music Party event, and it looks wonderful on her. One difference between the two performances is the accessories, in which Bom wore a more suiting silver chain necklace from Chrome Hearts at the music party, while on the Mnet performance, she wore a pastel pink and mint drop necklace. She paired this dress with Guiseppe Zanotti high-top metal plate sneakers ($945 retail price). Either way, our Bom looks great in this form-fitting dress.bom2Bom paired this printed dress with neon yellow and pink accessories to capture a summer look on their comeback stage at Music Core. This dress takes you back to the Ugly Era days, no?IMG_3014 IMG_7782_ bom22NE1 also recently appeared on SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Radio Show to promote and perform their new song “Falling In Love”. They also appeared on YTN News for an interview, in which they talked about their new song. On both of the events, Bom wore one of her favorite shirts that we’ve seen on her quite often – a Balmain print tank from their 2013 Resort collection. She wore this with another piece from the unseen portion of the collection, a pair of beautiful mint green skinny jeans with patchwork and ankle zipper. Which is great, considering it’s one of my favorite collections from Balmain and I’m totally wishing for 2NE1 to wear it as an ensemble for one of their performances. Bless Oliver Rousteing. bom2Alexander Wang time! Back to things I love and back to glow in the dark dresses (did you know Wang’s entire collection was glow-in-the-dark? If you didn’t know, now you know)! And thank god, because it’s one of my favorite looks on Bom yet. For Mnet 20s Choice Awards, our girls wore the same white ensembles from their “Falling In Love” music video – but except in black! It’s customized yet again, with the hem of the dress being cut down to the mid thigh, and the extra material left over used as straps. bom2 Last but not least, Givenchy! Bom wore this shirt during G-Dragon’s 1OAK concert in Singapore along with her photoshoot for Joy News. This shirt is frequently seen on Bom, often paired with black shorts, or, as in GD’s concert, diamond leggings. Bom completed this look with Christian Louboutin Bana pumps ($660) for the ultimate urban chic outfit.

With that done, I believe I have caught you all up on Bom’s latest outfits! Hopefully I’ll be able to ID them much faster. Once again, if you want to know these outfits without waiting for the post, follow me at @misketeers on twitter! Ask me any questions or any previous outfits you want ID’d!

Goddess Bom Stuns In “Falling In Love” Music Video

So the video’s finally out! And yes, I am, in fact, in love with every piece in this video. It’s a perfect, summery feel! 2NE1 has toned down their crazy style for a more lax look – and it still totally works on them. From Balmain to KTZ (actually, no KTZ this time), I keep “falling in love” with our girls [insert cheers and clapping for my lame pun].bom Continue reading

Park Bom Stuns in Givenchy at Korea University Festival

tkiaa bom2Following up their many university festivals, 2NE1 performed at Korea University in a grand bright red ensemble. Out of the four, Park Bom wore a more detailed and eye-catching piece from Givenchy’s Resort 2012. One of my personal favorite collections from Givenchy (and what I had secretly hoped for 2NE1 to wear for months now)! Ricardo Tisci’s continuation of his popular and demanding menswear Spring 2012 collection takes form in a women’s variation with lighter colors and more structured shapes. His signature gothic looks turning towards a more exotic, tropical flower kind of baroque in this prominent kaleidoscopic reinvention. Bom’s t-shirt is one of the most prominent of the collection with its beautiful floral print. The gorgeous bilateral symmetry of the iris and birds of paradise floral prints adds a feminine touch to an otherwise bold and vivid t-shirt. She gave the impressive shirt a ‘2NE1 twist’ with her signature hexagon leggings and black denim shorts.

Park Bom in Givenchy for “2NE1 Loves Shinsegae” Campaign

shin bom22NE1 once again shows how fashionable they are in their latest campaign for a popular South Korean department store franchise. The girls wore all black with metal accents for a powerful, warrior-like look. Bom wore one of the closing pieces from the Givenchy Spring 2013 RTW collection, a refined, black satin asymmetrical dress. The sleeve of the dress is extended from the upper arm area with sheer organza and ends with a structured satin ruffle. Silver pins clip the right shoulder for a more modern twist notable to the Givenchy name. To give more volume and interest, she cinched the waist with a silver belt and finished the look with Chrome Hearts accessories and intense Christian Louboutin red sole booties.

Park Bom Rocking Balmain at Ajou University Summer Festival


Hello, all! I’m Mi, and I’m the newest addition to the WLB family, recruited to help update all of you wonderful Bom fans on her latest fashion choices. It’s nice to join the staff, and I hope that I’ll be able to be as active as I can on WLB! Anyway, without further ado…

2NE1 recently rocked the stage at Ajou University with most of the members dressed in Balmain and KTZ. Park Bom performed at the summer festival in a Balmain graffiti skirt from Spring/Summer 2011 RTW, adorned with pins and metal embellishments. This leather skirt sells for well over $800 USD, retail price.

12 K-pop Fashion Trends You’ll Love


K-pop is known for setting fashion trends and new styles. While some of the looks are truly noteworthy in the fashion world, some of the more extreme styles only belong in the edgier world of music videos!

We’ve gathered one dozen K-pop fashion trends that can be worn everyday. Whether you’d like to imitate the whole look or incorporate the trends into your wardrobe with K-pop inspired accessories, you’re sure to find something that will make you feel like your favorite K-pop artist.

So without further delay, here are 12 K-pop fashion trends that you will love!

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