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Successful Trending Party for Park Bom’s Birthday Around the World! #AlwaysYou박봄


First and foremost we would like to say thank you so much for everyone that participated in our trending event for Bom’s birthday this year. I bet Bom feels all the love that fans showed her on that night.  Below are some of the screen captures that fans tweeted to WLB. I know there’s more so thank you for sharing them. ^^

T #1

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Trending Party for Bom’s Birthday Celebration Was a Success! #박봄HasBloomed

wwThanks to all the blackjacks around the world—our prepared event for Park Bom’s birthdayon Twitter was an immense success!

On the 23rd 11.30 PM KST, we had planned a trending event for Bom where we would throw out all the Bom related things we love on Twitter along with the hashtag ‘’#박봄HasBloomed’’—and with all the blackjacks around the world the event was a complete success. We managed to trend right before Bom’s birthday hit in Korea and also throughout on the 24th of March for a couple of hours.

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It’s Always #GottaBe박봄 Our 2nd-Trending Event on Bom’s Birthday a Success

ww2 Remember this last minute trending event? Amidst it being announced thirty minutes before the actually event, ‘’#GottaBe박봄‘’ was a success just as much as the first event!

Many wondered why we we’re actually trending this, right an hour before the 24th of March ended and with this post we would like to enlighten a few who still wonder. This event was purely to show our continuous love and support to Park Bom since she’s lurking on both Instagram & Twitter.

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