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Translations of Hilarious Ssang Park & Lee Sora on KBS Cool FM


Bom: I really enjoy living with you, Lee Sora. I feel like I found someone I have been looking for for a long time.

Dara: We were worried before she went, but she came back after the first day and said she had a lot of fun so we’re happy and jealous.

Dara: We are going to China tomorrow.

Bom: Tomorrow???

Lee Sora: I’ve noticed that Park Bom really knows nothing

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2NE1’s MV As Popular As Album: Tops Youtube K-POP MV Chart


2NE1’s 2nd full album’s title song “COME BACK HOME” topped YouTube’s K-Pop Music Video Chart.

YouTube’s K-Pop channel that collected data from March 3 to 9 shows 2NE1’s “COME BACK HOME” on #1 and “HAPPY” on #3 on YouTube K-Pop Music Video Chart Top 20. Since their album release on Feb 27, the quartet knocked down all major music charts, and they now stand at the very top with their newest music video.

The MV of “COME BACK HOME” is spotlighted by music fans and foreign media like Billboard and Popdust for its “sci-fi-movie” feel. The MV of “HAPPY” features the four members’ very cute and vivacious charms.

Apart from 2NE1, PSY ranked #2 with “GANGNAM STYLE” and #5 with “GENTLEMAN,” proving his continuous popularity. Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Mr.” is catching up, ranking #4.

2NE1, starting this week, is scheduled to unveil the performances of “COME BACK HOME” and one of the double titles “GOTTA BE YOU.”

Credit: yg-life

2NE1’s 2nd Full Album – “Crush” Tracklist Released (with Translations)


Composed by: CL, Choice 37 | Lyrics by: CL | Arranged by: Choice 37

Composed by: Teddy, PK, DEE.P | Lyrics by: Teddy | Arranged by: Teddy, PK, DEE.P

Composed by: Teddy, PK | Lyrics by: Teddy, MASTA WU | Arranged by: PK

4)I WANT TO LIVE (//this is not the official translation)
Composed by: CL, DEE.P | Lyrics by: CL | Arranged by: DEE.P

Composed by: Teddy, CHOICE 27| Lyrics by: Teddy, G-DRAGON | Arranged by: Choice 37

Composed by: Teddy | Lyrics by: Teddy, CL | Arranged by: Teddy

Composed by: Teddy | Lyrics by: Teddy | Arranged by: Teddy

8)SCREAM (Korean Version)
Composed by: Teddy, DEE.P | Lyrics by: CL | Arranged by: DEE.P

Composed by: CL, Choice 37, Peejay | Lyrics by: CL | Arranged by: Choice37, Peejay

10)COME BACK HOME (unplugged ver)
Composed by: Teddy, PK, DEE.P | Lyrics by: Teddy | Arranged by: Teddy, PK, DEE.P


Translated by:

2NE1 ‘2014 World Tour’ Kicks off on March 1st in Seoul!


2NE1’s 2014 WORLD TOUR kicks off on March 1st in SEOUL!

Date: 2014 Mar. 1st (Sat) ~ 2nd (Sun) @ 6PM
Venue: Olympic SK Handball Arena (located in Olympic Park)
Ticket Open:
March 1st Concert – 2014 Jan. 21st (Tue) @ 8PM
March 2nd Concert – 2014 Jan. 22nd (Wed) @ 8PM

Source: ygent_official

MAMA’s Facebook: “Apply Now for A LIVE CHAT with 2NE1!”

 KPOP DAY! 2NE1 live chat - Mnet Asian Music Awards (1)

[Every Thursday, KPOP DAY!]
Are you a fan of EXO or 2NE1??
How about a LIVE CAM with EXO?
What about a LIVE CHAT with 2NE1?
This Thursday 12/5 JOIN LIVE CAM & CHAT with EXO & 2NE1!
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[Win a chance to video chat with 2NE1 on December 5th]
We will select 9 participants among fans to join M COUNTDOWN CHAT on Thursday!
Please fill out the form below by Tuesday (KST) if you wish to video chat with 2NE1!
Pick one or multiple times of hangout as below and please apply NOW!

M COUNTDOWN CAM: meet the K POP stars on the backstage and the standby room!
M COUNTDOWN CHAT: video chat with this week’s star! 2NE1!

Thursday December 5th
1) CAM #1 at Backstage : 10AM(KST)
2) CAM #2 at Backstage: 5PM(KST)
3) CHAT with this week’s artist : 4PM(KST)

 Source: MNET MAMA Facebook


Park Bom Q&A Event with Blackjack Nolza


[Bom’s distress corner] Your worries will be addressed by Bommie.

If you wish to talk to Bommie about certain stuff, wish to hear about Bommie, please mail it to us. Your question may just be chosen by Bommie to answer! Deadline: 29 Sep

Source: tonyaaa1217ton

Translated by: (Japanese-Chinese) 小X啃玉米 | (Chinese-English)