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YG’s SNS Updates on 2NE1 Comeback Announcement

#2NE1SCHEDULE July 7 (Sunday) 3:40 PM SBS Inkigayo / Dongcheon-dong SBS Hall



Tags: 드디어!!! 기다렸다!!! 2NE1의 여름을 강타할 신곡 FALLING IN LOVE 7/8일 출격!!!


Tags: Finally!!! So excited!!! 2NE1′s new summer hit song FALLING IN LOVE will be released!!!


Hello, this is YG ENTERTAINMENT.

Get 2NE1 news and updates about their new album “FALLING IN LOVE” and comeback on July 8th through global messenger LINE – 2NE1′s official account is now open to reveal various information.

Global Messenger LIVE – Through 2NE1′s official account, you can now see see with 2NE1′s special photos and videos, and also get a change to see the chats between the members! So please ‘friend’ us!

Please see the following for details.

♦ 2NE1 – Global Messenger LINE official account opening ♦

▶ Opening day: July 2, 2013

▶ LINE – Methods to add 2NE1 as friends
– LINE Download (PC version, mobile version)
– LINE menu > More (Add friend) > Official Account > Add 2NE1

Please give us your support and interest.

Thank you.

Source: Global Blackjack + YG’s Me2day + YG Family Notice

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Bom Sends A Gift to Her Fellow Park Sisters


우와~ 뭐지! 뭘까?!? 두근두근..

Wah~.. what is this? What could it be? *dugeun duguen*


또르르…. 고마워^^;;;;;;;;;

*Drum rolls*………Thanks^^;;;;;;;;

Source: Dara’s me2day

Translated by: 2KJOP_CL1

The LINE Sticker is called “TIGHTS MAN.” Supposedly, Bom sent that to Dara because Dara is single. The sticker information on the bottom says, “Will TIGHTS MAN be able to fall in love again?”

YGent’s Me2day: “Park Bom’s Allure first class pictorial is right here.”


떡밥 투척 3탄,박봄 얼루어 화보의 일등공신은 바로 이분!<겟잇뷰티>에도 나오시는 황민영기자님^^ 봄과 민영기자님은(투애니원 팬이라고 자청하신!!ㅋㅋ)환상의 호흡을 보이며 이번 화보를 성공적으로 끝마쳤답니다. 우리 제법 잘어울리나요?(그러나…이미유부남ㅠㅠ)

Park Bom’s Allure first class pictorial is right here. With Journalist Hwang Min Young who’s also on <Get it beauty> Bom & Hwang Min Young (who admitted he’s a fan of 2NE1!! ㅋㅋ) has completed this fantasy-like pictorial successfully. They look good together right’? (But HMY is already a married man..ㅠㅠ)

Source: YGent’s Me2day

Translated by: cathy@WeLoveBom