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Berklee College of Music Hall of Fame: Park Bom from 2NE1


Park Bom from 2NE1 left Korea to study in America at the age of 12. She initially studied Psychology at Lesley University in Boston, but due to her love towards music, she can’t give up on any opportunities to study music. Hence , she decided to transfer to Berklee behind her parents’ back. During her education period in Berklee, Park Bom participated 3 times for YG audition and finally got through it at the 3rd time. We have to say that Park Bom’s vocal is indeed incredible~

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120614 2NE1: “2NE1 is going to have their first world tour “NEW EVOLUTION”…”

2NE1将开展首次世界巡回演唱会’NEW EVOLUTION’ 并以7月28,29日的韩国演唱会开始。将在亚洲,美洲,欧洲的7个国家,10个城市举行巡回演唱会。 NEW EVOLUTION’将展示进化的舞台,每一位合作的Staff都是负责过世界顶级明星演出的LIVE NATION人员。Beyond your expectations! 2NE1 2012 ‘NEW EVOLUTION’!

2NE1 is going to have their first world tour “NEW EVOLUTION”, starting from Korea on the 28th and 29th of July. The tour would be held in 7 countries from Asia, America and Europe, in 10 cities. “NEW EVOLUTION” will be presenting a glamorous stage of evolution, as every staff member has had in-depth experience working with top stars around the world in Live Nation. Beyond your expectations! 2NE1 2012 ‘NEW EVOLUTION’!

Source: 2NE1’s Weibo

Translated by: meganz21@WeLoveBom

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