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G-Dragon’s “Black” Japanese Version Featuring Park Bom (Lyric Translations)



From my heart, it is originally Black

It was burnt black just like that

Why am I so weak, just like shattered glass

waiting and seeing the fresh blood on my hand

your smile and speech is like gold

to me but why do I feel so cold?

Recently, you seems to resemble me a lot

Like you’re busy chased by fate

Because of the unfulfilled love, I’ve endured it

Because it’s not possible, I’m disappointed

I don’t know when it started, but my shadow

From your brightness, has been revealed

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Short Preview of the Japanese Version of G-Dragon’s Black Featuring Park Bom

Preview of the Japanese version of G-Dragon’s Coup d’État’

Super Short Audio Preview of Black feat. Bom


Credit: gjie2cute

A/N: GD’s first Japanese Album will be out on the 27th, cannot wait!!!

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131104 2NE1’s Line Audio Clips with Ssang Park (English Translations)

SsangPak are talking about how their members, not just within the group, but including the staff members are weird; that they have diversity. Then Bom said that the girl she went to attempt bungee jumping with is the “Goddess of (all) Coodi.”. Bom says that the ‘Goddess of Coodi’ is the girl she went to bungee jumping with during 2NE1TV. [T/N: Unfortunately, there is no other reference to 2NE1 TV or a future season.]

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