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01.09.2016 – NEW BEGINNING – Letter from WeLoveBom.


Dear lovely, loyal supporters of WeLoveBom & 2NE1’s Main Vocalist Park Bom, we sincerely would like to thank each and every one of you for being here, supporting us & Bom to the fullest. Our journey started back in 2009, where Bom finally got to debut & showcase her incredible talent after many delays of her solo debut.

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] The Official Trending Hashtag for Bom’s Birthday #/AlwaysYou박봄


Good day Blackjacks/Bombshells!

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s here now! That’s right, Lady Spring‘s birthday is literally right around the corner, which means its party time on Twitter! The yearly celebration when all fans unite and join along in trending for Bom— with one goal in mind– trending #1 worldwide!

Of course the actual main goal is for Bom to see all the love and support, so why not hit two birds with one stone?

Now we know that a lot of fans have been questioning our methods, we regularly check our mentions, but we have decided that rather than voting with several suggested hashtags, it would be better to decide one hashtag rather than one that is voted by many but half of the fandom disagrees for example.

Now we know it was risky, and you might as well ask, ‘‘But what if half of the fandom doesn’t like the one chosen by WLB?”, but WeLoveBom & theBOM have decided to use this hashtag since it holds a very deep meaning between fans & Bom.

”#AlwaysYou박봄” is a hashtag we would like to use on Bom’s birthday simply because– it always has to be Bom.

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[Project #12] The Tale Of Spring ♥️ – Birthday Support


Dear Bombshells/Blackjacks, once again we’re at that time of the year where Spring is about to bloom, and our Lady Spring’s birthday hits the calendar—that’s right WeLoveBom is gearing up for another supportive and loving project. We hope that many of you join us this year too, especially after her majestic surprise performance with 2NE1 at last year’s Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Together with fans from all around the world, we plan to have yet another successful project. Our goal this year is almost the same as last year, we hope to reach the $1000 mark or even more.

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[NOTICE] From WeLoveBom’s Admin. [Please Read]


Dear lovely readers of,

It’s been such a while since we delivered anything exciting regarding Bom but at this moment we have nothing to deliver since she’s still on a hiatus. We would rather see it as a good thing for now, like that one saying goes, ‘’Good things come to those who wait’’. It’s a perfect motto for us fans right at this moment, right? No matter whom we blame, who we call out, who we attack or say bad things about, the reality won’t change. She’s on a hiatus and we strongly believe she will come back.

Now while we wait patiently, we had an option of going on hiatus ourselves—but that wouldn’t be so exciting now would it?

So I, the admin gathered up all our staff and discussed a MAJOR throwback.

That’s right, the MAJOR throwback includes, 2NE1 from the start. 2009 till present, we will do our very best in delivering every little thing we or you might’ve missed out on. The newer fans can enjoy an old throwback with content that will be new for them, and the older fans can just enjoy those precious moments and re-live them again.

We will also bring out the older ‘’Me2Day’’ Bom- related posts with translations as well as Bom’s older Twitter account [@harooluvstar] tweets (+trans) and her current new account [@haroobomkum] tweets with translations, so don’t miss out!

Our MAJOR throwback is set to start on the 1st of October 2015, so don’t be confused and think there’s new event pictures, or something is wrong with WeLoveBom, I hope everyone is/will be excited for this, our staff has been preparing hard!

We will try our very best in bringing you EVERYTHING 2009-2015 Bom/2NE1 related so please don’t mind if we mix up something or miss out on something.

Thank you very much for reading,

WeLoveBom Admin.

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Birthday Celebration! (Hashtag, Balloon Project, Birthday Displays) — MUST READ

drafr 1

Bom’s birthday is almost here which means it’s time to celebrate! Earlier we announced the birthday hash tag we will be using, here’s some more detailed information we hope everyone reads thoroughly so that the trending party will be a success later on!

The birthday hashtag was introduced earlier with a teaser video for our ‘’We’re Going UP!’’ project—which has gotten everyone hyped about our project and we are so touched by the immense support, especially after YG Entertainment notified us that they won’t be accepting gifts.

We sincerely hope a lot have participated in the balloon project—writing a simple message on the balloons without releasing it is enough too. We want Bom to see how much we love her—with something she recently showed her love for—balloons.

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[ADMIN POST] Rules Regarding Bom-Related Things (MUST READ)


Hello fellow Bombshells,

Please take time to read this amidst it being a long post, thank you.

As all of you know, it’s been a tough time for us fans and it’s pretty clear it will be a while before we see better days. Like they say ‘’after rain there’s always a rainbow following’’, which means better days will definitely come but we need to have patience for that to happen.

As the leaders (don’t take it in a cocky way- WeLoveBom is the first successful international site specially for Bom) of the (international wise) Bombshell community, we have a task which includes protecting Bom and her image and recently it hasn’t been going well so I- personally as the Admin would like to write a few things about the issues and I hope Bombshells will follow simple rules.

Now after Bom’s scandal, there’s not much positivity surrounding her and it’s heart breaking for us fans but we aren’t her fans for nothing- we have been here from day one and will definitely be by her side until whenever. YG Entertainment and Dispatch have pretty much cleared up the issue but for some it’s still not enough and the hate continues but it’s alright we got Bom her back.

So basically staff have been alert on whatever things spread related to Bom and amidst warnings, fans/non fans still spread the things and it simply backfires- something we have been trying to avoid for a while. International fans have been trying to bring back Bom’s positive image by mingling with netizens in Korea but amidst our tries, all things have backfired completely and brought actually more damage- which was not something we went for.

Now many ask why we would bother what Korea thinks and I want to say, 2NE1 is based in Korea- Bom is based in Korea. We- international fandom can say things easily and actually mean it but let’s not forget she is based in Korea, anything happening there is actually affecting her so we need to try hard to get her positive image back up there in her home country. K-Bombshells have been quiet, why do you fans think they have been quiet?

With this post I want to try and avoid these things in the near future and I hope you all cooperate with us. We don’t need more things then we already have on our plate so please understand. Here’s a list which might actually help Park Bom’s image;


  • Don’t spread anything related to Bom- at least think twice before you do.

Recently the post about Bom’s stylist was spread around- something we tried to avoid. The results- people actually calling out the stylist which made her put her Instagram account to private mode.

Now we understand some of you think otherwise since the international fandom took her post the positive way- but in Korea it was taken the negative way.

Why would we care about that?

The stylist isn’t based internationally –same like the issue stated above, she’s in her own country- South Korea. Someone that isn’t in the spotlight actually got hate to the point she had to put her account to private mode- all because her post was spread. I’m not blaming this directly at anyone but please reflect. We didn’t just hurt Bom- but we actually hurt the people around her too.

It’s nice how the ones around her she loves dearly actually support her and protect her. In the future if someone does post something, let’s look at it quietly rather then screencapping it and spreading it on social media.

  • Don’t spread malicious rumours without a base.

The rule speaks for itself, at a time like this we don’t need rumours to be spread that don’t have a legit source or are neither confirmed to be true. We saw something going around about Bom’s relationship status with the same gender and it’s pure trash and we honestly do question why someone would spread it but on that note please don’t and think carefully about it. If the rumour is not confirmed, keep it in your chamber of rumours.

  • If you support Bom, that’s wonderful but if you don’t please don’t bother the ones standing right beside Bom and vice versa.

Basically fandom wars, we have seen plenty happening and I would like to say that if you stan Bom that’s really nice but if you don’t please don’t bother Bom or her fans. Same goes for Bombshells, don’t bother with people that disagree with your opinion. We want love to spread, not hate.


Please do not crop out credits/tags out of fantaken pictures and use them for your own things. This is something not only for Bom fans, but for 2NE1 fans as a whole.

Korean Blackjacks work hard to go to events or places the girls are at and make effort to take pictures and actually SHARE it with the international fandom. Please respect the fan site masters; don’t edit or crop out their logo. It’s disrespectful; please reflect on it.

If it happens again, Korean Blackjacks have already notified us that if it does happen again they will stop sharing their pictures with the International fandom, so please take note and do not crop or edit out their logos.

These are basically the important things we should be cautious about. We don’t need to spread any BS things, we need to think carefully about the things we spread/post- Bom related. We need to be careful as a whole and think about possible things that could happen. At a time like this we need to quietly stand beside Bom and shower her with love, nothing else then that is needed and this way we are protecting Bom- even though we’re not near her we can protect her from a far.

I hope this post shed some light and any confusion is cleared up and I hope many of you follow the things mentioned. We sincerely love Park Bom and we will always be right beside her no matter what.


WeLoveBom Staff.

Project #4 Gifts Delivery – Success


Source: YGonAir me2day

After 3hours and so of waiting by the ever hardworking staff of various international fansites (namely: 2NE1Malaysia, SGBJCrew, WeLoveChaerin, ForeverWithDara), the gifts were successfully handed by our very own admin Gjie to 2NE1’s cutie manager, Jjangmae A.K.A 678! How?


How our gifts were wrapped.


How the gifts were handed to Jjangmae. (photo by ForeverWithDara)

While all the lovely fansite staff were waiting at the hotel lobby, awesome Blackjacks on Twitter kept spamming the girls to go down and meet them for the gifts! And luckily, sweetie Dara finally replied to one tweet and said that she will make it sure to get the gifts! And then not long after, Jjangmae was spotted at the lobby and then he came to the fansite admins then he handed them a letter personally written by Dara telling them “From Dara, from Dara”. That time, they also handed him over the gifts. And then Jjangmae walked away with his hands full of gifts from everyone. Here is a proof shot:


Our white bag on the left. You can tell with the gold tube dangling on the side.

So yes, definitely a success! Also if you missed, Bom was also moved by the crowd’s singing at the Twin Towers and even declared it as ‘unforgettable moment’ in her life.

CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!! Hard work totally paid off. ♥

Park Bom Birthday Twitter Party – Success!

largeJust within 10mins since we started trending at 12AM KST, #봄IsHere entered the worldwide trend list at no.1! It was so successful that ygent_official tweeted about it and allkpop wrote an article on their website. And then it stayed on the worldwide trend list at no.4-6 within the next hour/s.

We just want to say our thanks to everyone’s cooperation, may we all have many more Twitter parties in the future. 🙂 And remember, the day hasn’t end yet. Don’t forget to send your birthday wishes to Bom through @haroobomkum ~ 🙂