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ANNOUNCEMENT: To all WeLoveBom Donors!


To all our donors since Project#1 to present,

Please check your e-mail inbox. We sent you a message with regards our new system, “Donors Lounge”. We sent the message thru the e-mail you used for donating. But if you haven’t received any e-mail from us or you are using a different e-mail address, kindly let us know by tweeting Nikai (@nikaistar) about it. We are waiting for your immediate response.

[ANNOUNCEMENT] An Important Notice from

For those who have been with us, you would have heard of instances where our blog has been blindly reproduced (or rather, copied) or our Twitter account has supposedly been hacked. Although these incidents have been resolved, we have recently received tips about a new fansite imitating us, even bringing in some of our staff members’ names.

We’d like to inform all of you not to be fooled by imposers with their actions, be it trying to mimic our fansite or by stating that we have gotten hacked and redirecting you to another account instead, if this situation were to occur to you now or in the future (we strongly hope that it won’t).

We can’t stop these incidents from starting but we can end them with your help. When noticing these imposers in future, do not hesitate to direct them to us. Report them as spam. We hope that the imposers would stop after that.

Please take not that is not ours and we are not affiliated with them in any way. Our only fansite is and our only Twitter account is @WeLoveBom.

We sincerely thank you all for your support in making WeLoveBom the fansite it is today and we seek your help in helping us with these issues.

Send as an e-mail to

Thank you.

WeLoveBom Project #2 Update!

See more photos of the birthday cake >HERE<

Those are the gifts we sent to Bom for her birthday, through theBOM’s Admin, Qooang. You might be wondering why the supposed customized shoes wasn’t sent and instead it was placed with the leopard print tote bag and beige shoes.

Unfortunately, we didn’t reach the right amount so we got pretty tight with the budget. Our goal amount was $650, while we only gathered $340.27. So instead of the customized shoes, we bought a bag and shoe that cost less but still looks fab for Bom.

We would like to thank the following for making this project possible:

Qooang – @Qooang

Rinasaur – @butterflyteh


Karen Wan – @superkatwan


Violette – @LeeViolette

Ani Fadz

Hsieh Chi Yin – @Yin_Laverna

Ana Isabel

Eliska Vaskova

and to each and every BOMbshell who participated in our project.

Successful #BOMRATATATA trending party on the eve of Park Bom’s birthday!

#BOMRATATATA entered WorldWide Top Trends just roughly 30minutes past 12AM KST then Happy Birthday Bommie followed shortly. Both stayed on the list for a good hour and a half although #BOMRATATA was the first to drop. So the highest ranks our trends reached were No. 2 for #BOMRATATATA and whooping No.1 for Happy Birthday Bommie!

Our fellow BOMbshells on Weibo have been trending as well with #朴春0324生日快乐 (#ParkBom0324HappyBirthday) which took the No.2 spot on the list for an hour!

Credits: wunnani@weibo

Congratulations to @YGLadies and everyone for the successful trending! And most especially, happy birthday to our one and only Park Bom~! We hope she saw the trends on the list for her! ^^

A/N: Weibo is like a Chinese version of Twitter with hundreds of millions of registered users.

Caps by: WeLoveBom + wunnani

WeLoveBom “About the Blog updates..”

We are super sorry we’re kind of slow in updates right now. Everyone’s so busy with their lives, it’s too hectic.

I decided to post this, to let you guys know why there are slow updates, please do understand, we’ll be back on track soon. So far enjoy the ‘Twitter’ updates, and keep on checking our twitter.

WeLoveBom Staff.

New background + Header to support Bom’s 2nd Solo Single~!

Yes that’s right.

 It hasn’t been long since we made the blog and had a total new fresh background + header, but since Papa YG released news about Bom’s second solo single, we just had to re-new it.

To support her 2nd Solo Single, Don’t Cry which will be released on the 21st, we made this whole new theme. It contents Bom’s concept photo’s for Don’t Cry, which are amazingly gorgeous.

Please leave ur comments below, and share your honest opinions ❤

Ps. Keep checking twitter for more info about trending for Bom’s Comeback/2nd Solo Single.

Gr. Yasmine ❤