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HQ Photos of Sexy and Gorgeous Park Bom for Adidas


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2NE1, ”The Sisters With Overflowing Charisma”

2NE1 members Park Bom, CL and Sandara Park reveal their eye-catching unique fashion sense that left a strong impression, somehow a reminiscent picture of their older days during their debut era.

On the 7th, Park Bom updated her Instagram with the caption “CL made me wear those awesome rings!!! We call her C-tylist !!kkk” along with a pictue attached.

In the picture, the three we’re posing in a sort of dark alley with CL, Bom and Dara dressed in unique outfits. Park Bom wore a white top with black stripes and unique adidas shoes with black and white accessories to match the simple yet unique outfit. Park Bom also mentioned that the rings she wore we’re specially what CL gave her to wear.

CL also wore a white top with her hair tied in two buns adding a cute charm. She also wore sunglasses, gloves and lots of accessories adding more charisma to her look. Dara tied up her pink-toned hair up high with a shiny hair accessory on top. She wore a skirt with her black top tucked inside, posing with her fist held up in her other arm with a charismatic expression.

Netizens who saw the picture commented with ‘’2NE1 the badass sisters’’ ‘’2NE1’s fashion sense is no joke’’ ‘’They still look so cute’’ ‘’I bet Minji took the picture’’ ‘’Reminds me of their Fire days’’ and more showing variety of reactions.

Source: Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom


[Exclusive] 2NE1’s Hong Kong Visit, ”Sweats, Hot Pants, 2NE1’s Hot Airport Fashion”

Girlgroup 2NE1 becomes a hot topic once again as they visit Hong Kong and showed their huge variety of fashion sense yet again.

On the 6th, 2NE1 members landed in China, Hong Kong safely and exclusive pictures have been released of the four as they exited using a secret passage.

The members each emphasized their individuality and once again proved their ‘’fashionista’’ status as they showed up wearing fashionable outfits. Sandara Park looked cute wearing sweats while Park Bom wore short hot pants and exposed her sexy slender legs once again, ‘’awing’’ many with the sight. The youngest Minji showed off a cute style with a skirt and a cardigan on top while leader CL wore all black with her long hair flipped to the side showing off a charismatic look.

2NE1 visited Hong Kong for a special ‘’Adidas’’ event where they performed.

Source: Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom