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Winter Comebacks, 2NE1 vs SECRET vs SISTAR’s Hyorin, ”Girlgroup War Continues”

Girlgroup 2NE1 are stirring the music industry with their return after two months along with SECRET who recently announced a comeback soon and lastly SISTAR’s Hyorin who is ready to release a solo soon.

2NE1’s new single released is set for the 21st November while SISTAR’s Hyorin is set for a release at the end of November and lastly SECRET is planned on the 9th next month with a new album. With these three powerful teams coming back, many are anticipating the groups their return with each different personalities in the music industry.

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The First Week Of July Is A Blast With Big Idol Groups Making their Comebacks

Its only the first week of July, and the music industry has already been shaken up with the comebacks!

This months first week marks the beginning of Super Junior, T-ara, ZE:A and 2NE1‘s return in the music scene. With the comeback photos and audio teasers released from left to right plus the actual album and MVs released, many have been anticipating the ”battle” between the groups as all have pretty eye-catching stuff for fans to see.

With Super Junior starting the ”battle”, elfs have been going crazy with their ”Sexy, free & Single” comeback. After a year, Super Junior finally came back along with a members return from the military service.

The album ”Sexy, Free and Single” was released a few days ago and is gaining a good response along with the MV just released yesterday for their title track ”Sexy, Free & Single”. It has an impressive addicting chorus, thus its an impressive  comeback song.

Super Junior debuted back in 2005 and until now, their fanclub ”ELF” has been supporting them strongly to which they released a song in the album dedicated to their fanclub. ”From You” is a medium tempo R&B song which is defenitly ELF’s their favorite song.

With Super Junior leading the ”battle”, they’re set for a comeback on the 6th starting on M! Countdown followed by KBS 2TV ”Music Bank”, MBC ”Show! Music Core” and ”SBS Inkigayo”.

T-ara is the second to join the ”battle” with their song ”Day By Day”. A while ago Core Contents Media announced their comeback with two new members added with just one of them continueing to promote with them while the other is preparing for a later debut with the group.

The girls have been gone under a complete transformation with bright hair colors for this comeback, catching many fans and non-fans their attention. The music video was delayed but even though it got delayed fans eagerly waited for their much anticipated comeback single plus MV.

Fans didn’t get dissapointed as T-ara showed a totally new side with their 15 minute long music video. That’s not suprising at all since the group is known for their long music videos, right? With a comeback like this, many are anticipating how the battle will continue with T-ara just joining with ”Day By Day”. They’re set for a comeback starting on MBC ”Show! Music Core”.

That’s not all though, ZE:A which has been quite inactive for a while is also set for a July comeback! Why are they listed in the top groups their comeback? Well because it might just be one of the top groups aswell! With their showcases in several cities around the countries, including school visits and more than 20,000 fans who came to their fanmeeting and met them, has been quite impressive for a group like ZE:A. With activities like this and their fanclub members increasing bit by bit, many are anticipating their comeback. Not just cause of their fanclub members increasing, but they’ve been delivering quite good title songs and not to forget, their in-sync choreography while performing live with great vocals.

It’s said that Star Empire, ZE:A‘s agency is fully behind their comeback as they invested $500 million for their comeback recordings, promotional work etc. Its defenitly a great deal of support as theyre also set for a showcase in Seoul before their comeback. Meanwhile ZE:A‘s album is set for an album release on the 4th, joining the battle of comebacks in the first week of July!

Lastly the most anticipated of all, no we’re not being biased, fearsome foursome 2NE1 is set for an album release with an unofficial date though but using last years tactic, 2NE1 will be slowly releasing singles before their official album release!

With first single ‘‘I Love You” set for a release on the 5th as just a single along with a comeback on the 8th on ”SBS Inkigayo’‘ fans are going crazy over 2NE1‘s comeback which they’re making after a year.

2NE1 hyped up the music scene by releasing teasers first for their comeback starting with CL who fiercely posed wearing fishnet stockings with shorts followed by Bom who showed  her sexy yet elegant side with her slightly exposed ”doll-like” legs. The most shocking teaser was followed with Dara posing fiercely with a half shaved head and long hair making many anticipate 2NE1‘s comeback even more. Following Dara, finally maknae Minzy‘s teaser was revealed showing her sexy side with a pose like that.

With these teasers, 2NE1‘s exceptional transformation made everyone already raise interest in the groups comeback, as its slightly different then most of their comebacks. Especially after their audio teasers for ”I Love You”. The lyrics of the song are totally the opposite of what 2NE1 usually releases but hey, they did say that they would be delivering a ”new sound” right?

The first week of July is a huge blast in the music industry with all these big groups. Fans their expectation is greater than ever with a battle like this, and ofcourse they’re rooting for their idols to shine even brighter then the rest. Who are you rooting for?

Source: Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom