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Full Translation of Blackjack Nolza Magazine



And who is going to decorate the top battler, while the expectation and tension of the audience is increasing, from the ceiling opening to the left and right in the center of the giant screen, 4 persons have place in a gorgeous gondola descending slowly. CL’s english and MC together, the new song “CRUSH” was heard! Singing 4 songs, including 3 new songs, is hard to think that was the first japanese performance of the songs, the breath of the audience stopped. As the top battler, achieving the highest role passing the baton to the next artist.



G-DRAGON (BIGBANG) did a parody of CL’s solo song “Nappeun gizibe” (the baddest female) to “Nappeun mosume” (the baddest boy)! Then CL entered on the center of the stage and started her new song “MTBD”. Throwing her black actress hat off and dancing with disheveled hair, she was gradually rising lying on the stage and unfolding a sexy dance, in a charming stage with a powerful voice!

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Scans of 2NE1 in BLACKJACK NOLZA Official Fanclub Magazine

q2UBJ PGMCc PcIpQ oCsNc m1m0E M0ChA Ljmjt kfCzV kDuF9

EQz99 cSj01 C1TGd b7vlM

029mu 7SA77

Source: 21rim9zizi

Park Bom in Blackjack NOLZA Magazine

Bom’s replies to fans’ questions:

“As for food~ I like almost everything~ 😛 When I was younger my Japanese friend made me.. “garahage”!!! You dip it in mayonnaise, and also with rice!! Doesn’t it sound good?!! T.T Also! Desserts! Pudding! and.. Macaroons!! ♥”

“First!! Congratulations~\^^/  Do you want to use 2NE1 songs in the ceremony? I want to recommend to you my solo song “You and I.” My friend is getting married soon and I plan to perform ‘You and I’ :)”

Credits: mino_21

Translated by: Kristine@WeLoveBom.com