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2NE1’s Park Bom Picks Team A’s Nam Taehyun That Catches Her Eyes Getting Big Bang’s Daesung Jealous

2NE1’s Park Bom picks Nam Taehyun as the most handsome out of the two ‘’WIN’’ groups getting Big Bang’s Daesung jealous.

On the 25th, the final battle of ‘’YG’s WIN: Who Is Next?’’ aired on MNET live in which all of the YG Family appeared with Big Bang’s Daesung MC-ing with fellow labelmate Yoo In Na.

During the broadcast Daesung turned to Bom and asked, ‘’Since you’re the well-known critic of appearances in YG Family, who do you like the most?’’

Without hesitation 2NE1’s Park Bom answered ‘’Mr. Nam Taehyun’’ with a smile making them all laugh while Daesung joked ‘’After debuting I heard I looked good but it’s still not recognized by Park Bom while Nam Taehyun is just a trainee’’ leaving them all laughing again as he showed his jealousy.

Meanwhile Team A and B are ready to battle it out in the final battle where the winner gets chosen 100% by viewers.

Source: Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom