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Yang Hee Kyoung Performs GD&TOP ft Park Bom’s “Oh Yeah” on JTBC’s Hip-Hop Nation – Grandma Edition

source: JTBC Youtube Channel

It also appeared in Naver’s Main Page.


credits: Planet2NE1


GD&TOP feat Park Ji Min ”Oh Yeah” Collab Stage, Park Bom Are You Watching?


SBS’ K-Pop Star Finalist Park Ji Min presented a great special stage along side Big Bang‘s GD&TOP.

On the April 22nd broadcast of SBS ‘Good Sunday K-Pop Star” the TOP3 showed fantastic special live stages, garnering lots of attention.

Baek Ahyeon showed a great stage along side SNSD’s Taeyeon & Tiffanny while Lee Ha Yi showed a wonderfull stage along side Miss A. But that wasn’t just all, Park Ji Min showed a fantastic live stage along side Big Bang’s GD&TOP which really, did grab all the attention. Viewers aswell as the audience had a blast watching these performances, as they all we’re defenitly ”must watch” stages.

In particular, the last one to perform was GD&TOP along side Park Ji Min had become a huge topic as they performed GD&TOP’s hit song ”Oh Yeah”. Especially since Park Bom, who was in the audience enjoyed the performance very well along with the rest of 2NE1 & Gummy. Park Ji Min defenitly showed a compelling beauty side, as well as great vocals with a pinch of similarity to 2NE1’s main vocal and the original singer of the song, Park Bom. Showing perfect harmony, once again she proved that her voice wasn’t just anything around, but it was full of luxury.

Netizens who saw the broadcast showed a variety of reactions as they commented with ”The best joint-stage of the night!” ”This is jackpot, a fabulous stage!” ”Park Ji Min, I envy you” ”She sounds similar to Bom!” ”Park Bom must be proud” ”Park Ji Min daebak!”

Source: Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom


Park Bom from GD&TOP ‘Oh Yeah’ PV

Thanks you so much gd_yuki + BIGBANG_HRL!

*’Oh Yeah’ PV is first seen on Japan’s “Music! On TV” channel.

**’Oh Yeah’ PV will be officially released on January 7th through GD&TOP CD/DVD.

***’Oh Yeah’ will be available for download as RBT on Recochoku on Dec21 12AM – Dec27 11:59PM JST.