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Park Bom on Infinity Challenge 2012 Calendar!

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111001 Park Myung Soo with Pak Bok and C-Dragon @ MBC Infinity Challenge


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**Pak Bok is Kim Shin Young imitating Park Bom

Source: 春여사@DC2NE1 Gallery

Re-uploaded by: nikaistar@WeLoveBom

Kim Shin Young’s Park Bom parody on Inifnity Challenge causes exposive laughter.


Another parody of Team GG’s Having An Affair feat. 2NE1’s Bom has gained alot of attention lately.

On the 1st October broadcast of MBC’s ‘‘Infinity Challenge” members Yu Jun-ha, Park Myung-Soo, Jung Hyung-don, Hong-chul dubbed as the members that were “useless” in Season 3 showed us a hilarious parody, well one of them. Park Myung-Soo along with Kim Shin-Young put a spectacular ”Having An Affair” performance with Shin-Young dressed up as 2NE1’s Park Bom. Showing a hilarious dance, Shin Young also changed the lyrics to something related to ”meat”. After the parody they confidently asked everyone ”Are you watching?” making everyone burst into laughter.


Source: Newsen via Nate

Translated by : Yasmine@WeLoveBom


*rough translations

Park Myung Soo performs “Having An Affair” with Pak Bok and C-Dragon

MC.Yoo calling bom ‘bommie’ ^0^

Park Bom with Park Bok lol
***Park Bok is actually a famous comedian in Korea. Her real name is shin-young Kim.
she was paradying BOM ^^


The subtitle says ” Ms(Lady). Chun ” kkkk
*** ‘Chun’ means Spring.. and you know that BOM means spring in Korean!! so they call Bom ” Lady Chun ” or “Ms.Chun ” ^^

Credits: 뽐뽐 @ theBOM.ivyro.net + Nate

Team GG with Park Bom Interview @ Infinity Challenge (Uncut ver. + translations)

MC: Thankyou for bringing to us this wonderful performance. Can our Jiyong ssi, our Park Bom ssi and Park MyungSoo ssi come to the centre of the stage.

MC asks Park MyungSoo Ah, are you satisfied with today’s performance? Which part are you most satisfied with?

Park MyungSoo: Ah, it is what I had expected, especially since Park Bom came and performed with us (A/N: Can’t really be heard due to the cheering from the audience)

MC: Park Bom ssi, during our first rehearsal, there were only the both of them, GG, and we didn’t saw you. So when you suddenly appeared on stage, all of us were shocked, because none of us had expected Miss Park Bom to be able to come.”

Ji Yong: She’s our team’s hidden card.

MC: Ah, this arrangement is really unexpected.

Park Bom: Ah, because I’m their secret weapon, I wasn’t even allowed to go to the washroom.

MC: Really?

MC asks Park MyungSoo: Ah, because Miss Park Bom is a secret weapon, she didn’t even go to the washroom, and has been waiting till now.

Park MyungSoo: That’s why her face is slightly pale.

MC: No, she purposely came for the ratings(?) of the show. So what position do you think you guys will get?

Park Bom: Can I give an honest answer?

MC: Yes yes, an honest answer.

Park Bom: 1st position.

MC: 1st. Ahhh..

Park MyungSoo: Then who’s the 1st?

Park Bom: Huh?

MC: She said 1st position.

Park Bom: First

Park MyungSoo: Ah 1st.

MC: She said 1st you still have to ask who is the 1st.

(Everyone starts laughing)

Park MyungSoo: Because it’s been a long time since I used so much energy.

MC asks Jiyong: What do you feel after recording and collaborating with Park MyungSoo?

Jiyong: Ah, it is really tiring. At first, he keeps scolding me (laughs), but after we found a common point, we are able to cooperate. Working with Park MyungSoo hyung is okay actually.

MC asks the audience: How’s the performance by them today? Oh very good, the audience are all screaming.

they’re saying that Park MyungSoo looks like he is Jiyong and Park Bom’s person so I can’t translate it.

MC asks Park Bom: Ah as compared to others, because Park Bom is the secret weapon, so up till now, she has not gone to the washroom. Is that okay?

Park Bom: Yes, I’m fine.

Park MyungSoo: Actually if you cannot take it, you can just relieve yourself here.

This caused everyone to burst into laughter.

MC asks Jiyong: Will you agree if Park MyungSoo invites you again in two years time to do the festival song?

Jiyong: Yes, it won’t be a problem, but since I’ve collaborated with Park MyungSoo hyung, I would want to change a partner so that I can learn more and different things.

After that, Park MyungSoo ‘threatened’ Jiyong saying: Two years later, if there’s still this event, Jiyong will still work with me, because during our recording for the song, I’ve found his weakness point.

MC: Ah, did Park MyungSoo secretly filmed Jiyong during recording, and he is unaware of it?

Park MyungSoo: Yes, thus he have to collaborate with me. (Jiyong), don’t need to worry.

MC: Park Bom, we heard that 2NE1’s album is in the middle of recording, everybody is anticipating for it. If you guys want to feat anyone, how about featuring Park MyungSoo.

Park Bom: Because (Park MyungSoo)’s voice is very unique, so if we want to feature him, we have to invite him.

Park MyungSoo: (Because of the crowd, can’t really hear him clearly) Eh, I have also caught her weakness point. (Not really sure what he said due to the crowd’s cheer, but he said something about imitating someone’s voice.)

After that, the MC asked the audience if they’re tired as they’ve recorded for a long time. The audience replied that they weren’t tired.

MC asked: Are you hungry?

Audience: Yes.

MC: Actually, we’re also hungry.

After that, they thanked Jiyong, Park Bom and Park MyungSoo for their performance, and cheered for them as they walked down the stage.



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Re-uploaded by: nikaistar@WeLoveBom

Korean-Chinese translations by: meilian87@baidu

Chinese-English translations by: Celeste@WeLoveBom

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Sexy Bommie @ Infinity Challenge!



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Team GG feat.Park Bom – ”Having An Affair” Lyrics

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바람났어 by GG feat. Park Bom


Oh~ G-Dragon~ A-yo Great Park! 뭐해요?
나 집이지! 나 파티있는데 같이 갈래요?
책임 질꺼야? Yeah~ 한번 놀아볼까?


오늘 밤 나 바람났어 친구 따라 강남 갔어
여름도 다가왔으니 왕자가 돌아왔어
나도 그대로 바람났어 놀고 싶어 안달났어
열광의 도가니 신나는 분위기 우린 지금 야단났어

난 바람났어
난 바람났어

미미미안해 엄마 용서해 엄마
오늘 밤 전화 다 꺼 I’m on fire
우린 좀 바빠 Hey 민서 아빠 웃어봐 하하하하하

허파에 바람찼어
난 바람났어
난 바람났어

오늘 같이 Saturday night (Saturday night)
미친듯이 노는거야 (Ah ha)
Wwoo baby woo woo baby
바람아 더불어 다오 내게로
한 여름의 Party tonigh
뛰어 높이 가는거야
Wwoo baby woo woo baby

하늘을 날자
Let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go come on
오늘 밤도 바람났어 친구 따라 강북 갔어
UV넌 이태원 갔어? 우리 둘은 홍대 갔어
발바닥에 불이 났어 정신 나간 우리라서
나 오랜만에 물만났어 (물고긴줄 알았어)
매력이 넘쳐 스타일 멋져 Swag Swag
동해도 번쩍 서해도 번쩍 이런 남자들 만나봤어?

Swag 우린 바람났어
우린 바람났어
우린 바람났어
우린 바람났어

오늘 같이 Saturday in night (Saturday night)
미친듯이 노는거야 (Ah ha)
Woo baby woo woo baby
바람아 더불어 다오 내게로 한 여름의 Party tonight

뛰어 높이 가는거야
Woo baby woo woo baby
하늘을 날자


Source: Naver



Oh~ G-Dragon~ A-yo Great Park! whats up?
I’m home! I have a party to attend, you wanna come with?
for real? Yeah~ Party time?
Let’s Go!

Tonight I’m ready to have fun, I followed my friend to Kangnam
The summer has come and the prince has returned
I, too, am ready to have fun, i cant wait til we get to the party
Hot sensation, excited atmosphere, we’re eager
i’m ready to party, I’m ready to party

Sosososorry mom, forgive me mom
I have to turn my phone off and i’m on fire
we are kind of busy! Hey, minsuh’s dad [myungsoo], laugh: hahahahaha!
our lungs are full of laughs
we are ready to go
we are ready to party

Tonight together on a saturday night (saturday night)
we party like we’re crazy (ah ha)
woo baby, woo woo baby
wind, please blow me away
Party tonight on a mid summer night
jump higher and we go
woo baby woo woo baby
we fly in the sky
lets go lets go lets go lets go lets go come on

Tonight, again, i’m ready to have fun, i followed by friend to Kangbook
UV, you went to Leetaewon? We, us two, went to HongDae
My foot is on fire and the sanity left us
We were like a fish who met its water
We are full of attractiveness, we’re so stylish, swag swag
We’re on east coast, then we’re on west coast, have you seen any men like us?
Swag, we’re ready to go
We’re ready to have fun
we’re ready to party
we’re ready to go

Tonight together on a saturday night (saturday night)
we party like we’re crazy (ah ha)
woo baby, woo woo baby
wind, please blow me away
Party tonight on a mid summer night
jump higher and we go
woo baby woo woo baby
we fly in the sky
we’re late but ready to have fun.

Translated by toptopia@tumblr.com
Credit : toptopia @ tumblr

Shared via @bigbangupdates

Infinity Challenge’s Team GG’s Secret Weapon, ”Park Bom”

2NE1’s Park Bom’s appearance on Infinity Challenge with ‘‘Team GG” has become a hot topic. This weeks broadcast included the ‘‘West Coast High Way Festival 2011” where teams teamed up for a spectacular performance.

”Team GG” which includes G-Dragon and Park MyungSoo showed up with a spectacular stage with an exciting hip-hop song. In particular 2NE1’s Park Bom supported their stage, by singing the two catchy choruses bringing the finishing touch to the song making the crowd even more excited with their loud cheers.

When the performance finished, they held a short interview with Team GG and Park Bom. ”She’s our team’s hidden card” G-Dragon answered when asked about Bom which to Bom replied ”I wasn’t even allowed to go to the restroom cause of this secret!” causing alot of laughter at the show.

After the broadcast, netizens quickly went online to share their personal opinions on the exciting stage. ”Team GG” delivered. Comments such as ”Bom is the best!” ”Team GG’s song is very good, fun song!” ”Bom, we really love your voice” ”This was an exciting stage!” showing alot of different reactions.

On the other hand ‘‘Infinity Challenge’s West Coast Highway Award” will give the winner an opportunity to be included on the cover of the festival’s CD release which includes all the songs that we’re performed.

Source : Nate

Translated By : Yasmine@WeLoveBom.

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