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121114 Fanaccount of Heartwarming 2NE1 at LAX Airport

Today i had a very great experience w chaerin that i still cant get over her !!! I’m gonna tweet about it.

When she got out of the van, i was so shocked cuz didn’t expected that she would wear this cute clothe!!

Park sisters ! Everyone is so happy today. Dara got all gift bags and signed for fans.

Chaerin was playing w bom’s hair. She touched and teased bom. So cute and 2ne1 is so close.

When i saw CL today, i tried to give her a gift bag, but jjangmae tried to stop me. CL saw me and came toward and accepted the bag

But i didn’t expect anything at all !!!! She looked inside the bag and then ❤

She was reading my letter right there !!!! Isn’t her inside and outside so different?

Her outside is too cold but inside she is not!!! I now believe it and really happy that i have a chance to know more about chaerin

Remember today? I was so scared of CL at first and just sat there and looked at her? I wrote it in the letter and explain that

I told her that it is not because we don’t love her or what! Its just because she js so beautiful that why we were frozen there

kristine n I called “DARA”and she turned and smiled and waved!Then i scream CL and she did the same as dara bright smile

I called “BOM UNNIE” but she didn’t hear! And Chaerin touched bom and told her that we called, bom turned,waved and smiled

When i called minzy, minzy waved and smiled so long !!! Her cute smile! You know what i mean right!!!

I don’t know what to say! no more! The girls are not sweet as much as what we thought!!! They are really something!

I don’t think they think of us as fans!I believe when they said they re so thankful about our support and think of fan as friend! That’s true

I’m very happy and satisfy about what i and @kristinekwak did this time. The girls all remember our faces, and they like us a lot


We waited for them everyday very long long time at the hotel,said hi to them, and gave them gifts every single time!

we were scared that they would feel annoyed because we saw them everyday, but we thought that if they didn’t see us,they would be sad

They would think that they don’t have many fans in america, that why we decided to see them and said hi to them

They were every very nice to us, tried to sign if they can, got our gifts even managers stopped us. I’m proud of being blackjack so much

The more you see the girls, the more you want to see them.the experience is precious that you cant get w anyone else !!!!

If you read my tweets, you love the girls, go to see them. You will know they are special and unique more than what you see in videos

All of them are very shy and dont talk anything. but They are quite isn’t mean they don’t care. They are very care for fans and really sweet

I don’t think that i can stop loving them!!! We did all the things that can make them happy.

You know what? They worked very hard. On the sbs concert, they went home very late, but they left so early in the morning.

They weren’t go playing or what! They did mv and photoshoot and concert. They only went eat dinner w jeremy and had birthday celebration

Even today was their last day in Usa, but they still went to Chrome Heart. They didn’t rest at all So please patient and wait for their comeback

Send them a lot of messages and letters,i believe they love reading our letters. They love us as much as we love them !

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Jeremy Scott: “BIRTHDAY FUN 2NE1 STYLE !!!”










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2NE1 Becomes The First K-Pop Girl Group to Rank on Billboard’s Current Box Score

2NE1 has become the first girl group to rank on Billboard‘s Current Box Score.

The ladies of 2NE1 recently held an independent concert at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on August 24th. 6,680 of the 6,714 tickets put on sale were sold, bringing in a gross sales of $653,716, and ranking at #29 on Billboard’s Current Box Score.

Box Score receives information from promoters all over the world and assesses ticket sales and audience members for all performances put on over the past three months. The only Korean artists to have their names listed so far on this chart were SMTOWN and Lim Jae Bum, but now 2NE1 has become the first girl group to be listed on Billboard’s Current Box Score.

The ladies of 2NE1 are currently touring in Japan. The girls kicked off their Japanese concerts with a three day concert in Osaka (August 31st to September 2nd) at Osaka Castle Hall, where 36,000 fans gathered to see them perform. The girls will also be performing at Nagoya Nippon Gaishi Hall on September 7th and 8th, at the Yokohama Arena on the 11th and 12th, and at the Saitama Super Arena on September 29th and 30th.

Source & Image: SportsChosun via NateBillboard

Credit: allkpop

2NE1 “New Evolution” Tour in LA Rakes in $653,716 With 6,680 Attendees

Billboard just released  music event box scores listing top concert sales and 2NE1 made the list at #29. 2NE1 1st world tour “New Evolution” drew a total audience of  6,680 fans with ticket sales amounting to $653,716.

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120824 Fancam of Park Bom Arrives in LA Live

I was walking behind LA Live and when I walked past the doors, the security immediately told me to cross the street. I wasn’t even doing anything, my camera wasn’t even out. Because he was so strict, I figured that something was about to happen so I crossed the street like he asked. After a minute or two, a big black SUV arrives and Bom was in it. She looked so pretty and even waved to the fans who were by the door because they kept insisting to be there.




*This was after the concert ended

More HD Photos of Park Bom at New Evolution Concert in Los Angeles

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See more photos here: http://wp.me/p1sH1L-6Fw

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LATIMES: “Live Review: K-Pop’s 2NE1 at Nokia Theatre”

Pity the hapless dude who thought he was getting a lap-dance from Dara of the South Korean pop group 2NE1 on Friday.

The singer dragged him up from the audience onto the Nokia Theatre stage during the single “Kiss,” and plonked this twentysomething white guy — who looked as if he might actually crumple from petrified delight — in a chair facing the stage. Dara, with her Skrillex-inspired haircut and pixie-thug getup, leaned come-hither close, surely about to crib a classic R&B stage-seduction move.

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