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Girlgroup 2NE1’s Park Bom Hits Jackpot With ‘’Tumbling’’ on M!Countdown After 2NE1’s Win

2NE1’s Park Bom celebrates their no.1 win in an unique way, tumbles on stage gathering netizens attention.

On the 20th, 2NE1’s new title song ‘’COME BACK HOME’’ won number one on MNET’s M!Countdown’’.

On the same day Park Bom promised to tumble on stage after they won number one and when they did win, Park Bom surprised all by actually keeping her promise and tumbled on stage.

Fellow member Dara tweeted ‘’Applause to Miss Bom for keeping her promise to tumble if we won 1st at M Countdown~ I want to share the happiness with Chaerin unfortunately Chaerin wasn’t here due to her busy schedule ^.^ 2NE1 Nolza~!!!’’ along with a picture of Bom tumbling.

Netizens who saw/read about Bom tumbling commented with ‘’Wow, all I saw was her long legs’’ ‘’Park Bom tumbling ke ke, she probably practiced a lot’’ ‘’Daebak, Park Bom tumbling is the best encore ever’’ and more showing a variety of reactions.

Source: Chosun News

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom



MnetMcountdown: “Last week! Ms. Bom Bom Bom who tumbled in the happiness of winning first place ceremony.”


Last week! Ms. Bom Bom Bom who tumbled in the happiness of winning first place ceremony. Why is she so fresh & pretty today.Is it because it’s spring?<COME BACK HOME> tonight on MCD at 6pm.

Source: MnetMcountdown

Translated: cathy@welovebom

2NE1 Tops M!Countdown Following Inkigayo – BOM Does Tumbling And Thanks Yang Hyun Suk


2NE1 topped M! Countdown following Inkigayo, and they thanked YG CEO YANG HYUN-SUK and TEDDY.

At M.net M! Countdown at 6 p.m. on Mar. 20, 2NE1’s “COME BACK HOME” was placed first.

MINZY, with a trophy in her hand said, “I thank CEO YANG for making a fabulous song and I also thank TEDDY.” She added, “I feel grateful to our fans, the BLACKJACK!”

BOM kept her promise by doing tumbling, and showed off her flexible movement.

On Mar. 16 at SBS Inkigayo, 2NE1 competed against Girls’ Generation and won, winning the first prize. BOM at the time thanked her company and fans in tears, which made the headlines.

At M! Countdown, Girls’ Generation ranked third, following 2NE1 and Orange Caramel.

Various artists appeared on the show today, and those include Lunafly, JJCC, Billion, Boys Republic, BESTie, BTS, TROY, Park Soo-jin, CNBLUE, ORANGE CARAMEL, 2NE1, Toheart, Im Chang-jeong and 4Minute.

Credit: yg-life