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120427 HQ Photos of Park Bom @ Nikon P&I Event

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Source: idol-grapher


More photos of Bom and Minzy from the Nikon Legend Event

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Sources: keun20 + coolpixn + semejaka

2NE1 photos taken in the Philippines shown on the Nikon Legend Event

Credits:  pab0sarang + DCgyungwa + semejaka

Note: This was shown during the Nikon Legend event that 2NE1 attended. This is from their last Philippines vacation.

Media coverage of Park Bom and Gong Minji @ Nikon Legend Event


Bom: Hello, we saw you all last year like this, and I’m happy to see you again this year. I’m curious to know if you all waited for us.

MC: Are these photos of you drinking tea in the Philippines?

Minji: Yes, because there was a coffee shop inside the hotel.

MC: What do you talk about when all four of you are together?

Bom: I’m not sure if I should say this, but we talk a lot about male idols.

MC: Is there an idol you personally like?

Bom: It’s a secret.

Sources: Nate News via 2NE1Cambodia +

SStv via Mira@WeLoveBom

Translated by: KristineKwak@WeLoveBom

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Nikon “It was a photo sharing time..”

P&I 2012 두 번째 날입니다. 오늘은 니콘 모델인 2NE1이 니콘 부스를 방문했습니다! 얏호~!
니콘의 필리핀 여행 때 박봄양과 민지양이 직접 찍은 사진과 함께 사진에 대한 에피소드를 나누는 시간이었습니다~ㅎㅎ 내일은 다라양과 CL양이 방문하니, 많은 관심 부탁 드려요^^

Today is the second day of P&I 2012. Nikon models 2NE1 visited the Nikon Booth today! Yahoo~! It was a photo sharing time of the photos Park Bom and Minji took themselves during their vacation to the Philippines~ haha Tomorrow Dara and CL are visiting, so please show your interest ^^

Source: Nikon Imaging Korea Facebook

Translated by: Bom Park Fans

See photos from the event here:

(Press Photos) wp.me/p1sH1L-4a4

(Fantaken Photos) wp.me/p1sH1L-49D

Press Photos of Bom & Minzy @ Nikon Legend Event

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