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2NE1’s Park Bom, Legs That Stand Out Even More as She Stretch them Out


2NE1’s Park Bom showed off her killer legs.

On the 27th, KBS 2FM “Yoo In Na’s Turn the Volume Up” radio’s official twitter account tweeted two photos with the caption “Bomborobombom Park Bom’s thank you for the intense and lively support!”.

On the photo, Park Bom visited Turn the Volume Up‘s studio to support group member and special DJ Sandara Park was seen. Park Bom was wearing hot pants while revealing her legs on the photo.

Park Bom showed off her cute charms as she was stretching out her legs while giving off cute facial expressions.

Meanwhile, Snadara Park will replace Yoo In Na who’s in China on “Turn the Volume Up” for a whole week.

Source: Naver News

Translated by: Cathy@WeLoveChaerin.com

‘’Roommate’’, Lee Dong Wook & Park Bom ‘’A Good Match for Marriage’’

SBS Good Sunday – ‘’Roommate’’ has stirred some buzz with their latest teaser, a teaser where it was revealed that girlgroup 2NE1’s Park Bom and actor Lee Dong Wook we’re a perfect match for marriage.

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Park Bom, Seo Kang Jun & Bae Seongjae, Pay Attention To SBS Entertainment Newest Variety Rookies

SBS Entertainment seems to have gotten a fresh beginning with their newest activities of variety programs.

SBS broadcast entertainment programs have recently started to emerge as new variety shows, usually the first calculations of them have all turned wrong after airing the episodes of the programs, instead of negative reviews like netizens calculate before the actual airing, SBS has gained lots of positive reviews after the shows went on air.

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Park Bom’s New Beauty Secret? ‘’Mist Spray Makes The Face Look Smaller’’

Girlgroup 2NE1’s Park Bom shows extraordinary love for her ‘’Mist Spray’’.

On the 11th, SBS broadcasted ‘’Roommate’’ as part of their ‘’Good Sunday’’ schedule where Park Bom showed her extraordinary love for her mist spray. Several scenes we’re shown where she happily sprayed some mist spray on her face showing her love for the product.

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Park Minwoo & Park Bom, ‘’Subtle Pink Atmosphere with Mist Spray’’

‘’SBS Good Sunday – Roommate’’, Strange atmosphere between Park Minwoo and Park Bom, possible new love line?

On the 11th, SBS broadcasted the well anticipated second episode of new variety show ‘’Roommate’’. The show started off with Park Bom who arrived the latest among all and how she tried to sleep in her given room however Lee Sora’s dog kept barking loudly at the newcomer. In order to not disturb anyone, Park Bom decided to sleep in the living room.

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After School’s Nana Thinks That 2NE1’s Park Bom Fits Her Personality Wise


On the 11th, SBS aired the second episode of ‘’Roommate’’ where the female cast went over to Park Bom’s room to greet and chat with her since she arrived later then everyone.

After School’s Nana revealed that since Park Bom is the sunbae, it’s still a bit awkward however we often greet each other during performance broadcasts backstage.

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