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160609 Soompi: “Netizens Capture 2NE1’s Park Bom At Her Sister’s Recital”

Netizens Capture 2NE1’s Park Bom At Her Sister’s Recital

2NE1 member Park Bom was recently sighted at her older sister’s recital.

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160616 Park Go Eun’s Instagram Updates with Park Bom: “#parentsweddinganniversary 🎉”


‘s wedding anniversary      @ H450

#h450 #parentsweddinganniversary #ommaappa #itsbeenawhile #familydinner

Source: Park Go Eun’s Instagram

Park Go Eun’s Instagram Update: “…with my sister~~ You and I First 2ne1 nolza concert~~”


#Handmade #FanGift #with my sister~~ #You and I #First 2ne1 nolza concert~~I cant forget…how touched I was that time… I remember that moment^^Hihihi thank you!^^

Source: Go Eun’s Instagram

Transalated by: Cathy@WeLoveBom

2NE1’s Park Bom To Collab With Her Sister Park Go Eun Ahead Of World Tour, ”Classical Debut”

2NE1’s Park Bom is set to collab with her sister Park Go Eun at a classical concert on the 6th of February.

The two will showcase their collaboration as the last performers in the ‘’Olympus Korea Concert’’ in which they’ll perform ‘’Rakhmaninov, Last Romanticist’’ which was actually a collab between cellist Park Go Eun along with famous pianist Park Jin Woo.

Reps of Hwajin Cultural Business Team revealed that ‘’Originally it was a performance by a cellist and pianist, however Park Go Eun decided to make it a little more special by inviting her sister for a collaboration with her on stage.’’

The two previously collaborated at 2NE1’s first solo concert ‘’NOLZA’’ held at Seoul Olympic Park in which they performed Park Bom’s solo song ‘’You & I’’ together, showcasing a fantastic debut between the popular vocalist and cellist.

Girlgroup 2NE1 which Park Bom is a member of will start their second world tour this coming march held at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium where they will kick of the start of their tour. After South Korea, the tour is planned to continue in several other countries including Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore and more.

The four ladies are busily preparing but the participation of Park Bom in the ‘’Olympus Korea Concert’’ has gathered lots of attention as she’ll perform with her sister Park Go Eun, ahead of the upcoming world tour.

Source: Sports Donga/Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom


Park Bom’s Sister Is A ‘Mother’s Friend’s Daughter’ ?


Singer Park Bom’s older sister was revealed to be a ‘My mother’s friend’s daughter‘ cellist.

On the 1674th episode of tvN ‘E News’ on the 22nd, it was revealed that Park Go Eun was the youngest student to be accepted in the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna which holds 650 years of history.

Park Go Eun was also revealed to have exceptional cello skills as well as a warm heart as she had accompanied her younger sister Park Bom’s ‘You and I’ live performance.

Source: etoday via Nate

Translated by: hyuyoo@welovebom.com

T/N: ‘My mother’s friend’s daughter’ is an expression used in Korea to define a woman/man (my mother’s friend’s son) that holds a kind personality and has academical success. Koreans use this to refer to how mothers always compare their children to their friend’s children who supposedly do better in school and social life.