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Cellist Park Go Eun, 2NE1 Park Bom’s Sister Captures Hearts


2NE1 member Park Bom’s sister ‘’Park Go Eun’’ captured fans after the famous cellist made a suprise appearance on ‘’KBS 2TV Entertainment Weekly’’.

The broadcast of ‘’Entertainment Weekly’’ was about a classical concert in Japan, where Park Go Eun made a suprise appearance attracting attention.

The concert was held at the end of last month, in Tokyo, Japan ‘’Opera City’’ where Park Go Eun got to see actor Kim Nam Gil upclose after a MC and singing segmant.

Meanwhile Park Bom was seen supporting her sister several times through SNS and attending her concerts. Park Go Eun also supported her little sister during 2NE1’s first concert where the sisters had a joint stage of Park Bom’s solo stage ‘’You And I’’.

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Sources: Osen + Daum.net

Translated by: Yasmine@WeLoveBom.com


Park Bom’s Sister Park Go Eun Makes Appearance At Concert, ”Extra Ordinary Beauty”

Park Bom’s sister Park Go Eun shows extraordinary beauty at a concert appearance in Japan.

On the 3rd, KBS 2TV ‘’Entertainment Weekly’’ broadcasted a scene of a classical concert which was held in Japan and Park Bom’s sister Park Go Eun appeared in it.

The MC had its own talking segment during the concert, in which to the famous cellist Park Go Eun was seated not so far and they remarked that Park Go Eun looked very  beautiful and has good looks just like her little sister 2NE1’s Park Bom.

Source: Nate

Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom


YG Family Shows Their Support for Bom’s Sister, Park Go Eun Movie ‘Ensemble’

@haroobomkum: Today is the day where my unnie is gonna do an awesome ensemble~~unnie~~ fighting~~!!!*^___^* pic.twitter.com/Q9nZJt4p8u

@blobyblo: Cool ” @haroobomkum: Today is the day where my unnie is gonna do an awesome ensemble~~unnie~~ fighting~~!!!*^___^* pic.twitter.com/Q9nZJt4p8u

@Hwangssabu: ” @haroobomkum: Today is the day where my unnie is gonna do an awesome ensemble~~unnie~~ fighting~~!!!*^___^* pic.twitter.com/Q9nZJt4p8u

@kongdougie: @haroobomkum Dougie is supporting your unnie too, fighting^^♥♥♥♥♥♥

Source: Bom + Tablo + Hwangssabu + Dougie’ Twitter

Translated by: cathy@WeLoveBom 

Park Go Eun reveals the hard work her young sister Park Bom put in to become a singer


Park Bom‘s older sister Park Go Eun revealed the hard work put in by Park Bom on tvN‘s “Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside“.

On the show, Park Go Eun stated, “When my sister said she was debuting as a member of 2NE1, I didn’t think much about it, but I know how much she cried. She put in so much work and became a singer after failing 5 auditions. When she stood on stage, she looked great. When I see her on stage, I realize how good she is more so than when she sings at home. I guess the reason for that is because she’s my sister.

Park Go Eun received attention in the past for being an excellent cellist, and she featured in Kim Nam Gil‘s new movie ‘Ensemble‘.

Credit: allkpop

Park Bom Reveals Her Cellist Sister In Kim Nam-gil’s ‘Ensemble’

박봄, 미모의 친언니 공개…김남길 영화 '앙상블' 출연 :: 네이버 뉴스

 of  has revealed her cellist sister in Kim Nam-gil’s ‘’.

Park Bom, on her me2day on 12th, posted a picture with the caption “My sister is a cellist!!! And… She was in the PIFF you know. Apparently she filmed a movie without my knowledge~~ What a considerate sister I am… The movie’s name is ‘Ensemble’… It’s not out yet, but I’m looking forward to it. At the far right, there’s gorgeous Mr. Kim Nam-gil”.

“Lastly, the red carpet event of PIFF!!! She said she was unworthy of going up there and she was taken aback!! And she couldn’t actually go there because of some matters!!! I’m posting these pictures that I took for her. What a bad sister I am, didn’t knowing that my sister filmed a movie because of my schedules. I’m sorry, sis~~”.

Miss Park Go-eun, Park Bom’s sister, is posing with violinist Kwon Hyuk-joo and producer Kim Nam-gil of the movie ‘Ensemble’. In another picture, the group photo of the cast of ‘Ensemble’, Park Bom has written ‘My Sis♥’ over her sister.

Netizens have commented, “she is really pretty”, “she is outstanding in her beauty”, “I’ll never miss this movie!”, “I’m sure she would have understood it, you being so busy and all”, “both of you are doing so well”.

Credit: koreandrama

Too Equal!! Both Are The Best~ Big Success for the Star’s Big Sisters

Park Bom’s sister Park Go Eun was introduced at the concert.

SNSD’s Sooyoung’s sister Choi Soo Jin, rising as a musical heroine.

One scene. “My sister’s the best right?” 2NE1’s member Park Bom introduced her sister on the 20th of last month at the “Nolza” concert that was held at Yokohoma Arena Hall. Park Bom sang along with her sister’s cello. After the song, she didn’t forget to thank her sister who had played for her.

‘Would they be able to overcome their younger sisters’ enormous popularity?’

Being the sisters of the members of 2NE1 and SNSD, KPOP’s representatives, the sisters are beginning to face a trauma because of their sisters’ enormous popularity. Still, with the appearance of Choi Soo Jin (Soo Young’s sister), and Park Go Eun (Park Bom’s sister), the two sisters success is beginning to unravel.


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Park Go Eun graduated from Johns Hopkins Peabody Graduate School and is a cellist who had once opened various recitals. In Korea she had participated in several competitions and also garnered attention when she performed with an Orchestra. Last January, Park Go Eun held a solo concert and received applause when she performed her sister, Park Bom’s, “You and I”. At the Japan Concert (Nolza), YG Ent. stated that rather than promoting herself, she wanted to spread the art of music through her sister.

An entertainment official stated “Recently the appearance of star’s family members is because they share the same talent.” and “Like the saying that ‘Cotyledons are noticed first’, the big sisters are garnering attention because of their equally, skilled talents as their younger sisters.”

Source: Nate

Translated by: JiHyun@WeLoveBom