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Project #12 Update ”The Tale Of Spring”


Good day Blackjacks! After more than a year, we are finally able to post up last year’s succesfull birthday project!

First and foremost we would like to apologize for the delay as it took us more time than expected to deliver the presents to Bom. After months and months of waiting, finally with the help of Tsuya_Nail & Ryubae we were able to complete our mission!

Now enough about that, it’s time to reveal the gifts we had prepared for Bom right below– but ofcourse thank you to all the donors that generously donated! We wouldn’t have been able to gift these amazing things without your help.

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[PROJECT #13] LoveLettersToBOM (Part Of Our Birthday Project)

loveletterswp post

Dear Blackjacks/Bombshells, once again we ask everyone to gather and write a short sweet message to our Park Bom!  ‘’Love Letters to Bom’’ is part of our Birthday Support project—which is almost finished—we are wrapping up gifts and are almost ready to send hence why we came up with this little last minute side project.


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[MYSTERY PROJECT] WELOVEBOM x TSUYA NAIL (Bom’s Handwritten Message Included!)

wlbxtsuyanail (3)

That’s right! Does everyone still remember the announcement of a mystery project which has been kept hushed over the weeks?

No it wasn’t the special songs we had prepared– it was our special collaboration with ”Tsuya_Nail”— the place Bom always goes to get her nails done! Remember today‘s update of Bom’s new gorgeous set of nails? It was all provided by yours truly, WeLoveBom! Ofcourse all thanks to the fans that supported it and our staff that generously donated for this side project.

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] The Official Trending Hashtag for Bom’s Birthday #/AlwaysYou박봄


Good day Blackjacks/Bombshells!

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s here now! That’s right, Lady Spring‘s birthday is literally right around the corner, which means its party time on Twitter! The yearly celebration when all fans unite and join along in trending for Bom— with one goal in mind– trending #1 worldwide!

Of course the actual main goal is for Bom to see all the love and support, so why not hit two birds with one stone?

Now we know that a lot of fans have been questioning our methods, we regularly check our mentions, but we have decided that rather than voting with several suggested hashtags, it would be better to decide one hashtag rather than one that is voted by many but half of the fandom disagrees for example.

Now we know it was risky, and you might as well ask, ‘‘But what if half of the fandom doesn’t like the one chosen by WLB?”, but WeLoveBom & theBOM have decided to use this hashtag since it holds a very deep meaning between fans & Bom.

”#AlwaysYou박봄” is a hashtag we would like to use on Bom’s birthday simply because– it always has to be Bom.

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The Tale Of Spring – ”Invitation To Our Spring Garden.”

garden of spring intro

 ”Invitation To Our Spring Garden.”

In spirit of the upcoming Birthday of Lady Spring, WeLoveBom has been gearing up for a fantastic celebration—with many tricks up our sleeves we have prepared thoroughly for the big day making this year yet another beautiful year ahead for all Blackjacks, Bombshells as well as Park Bom herself! Better check out the project we have planned at our main page.

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The Tale Of Spring – ”Join The YG Juniors In Our Spring Garden”

garden of spring juniors

We’ve talked about ”Big Bang” members their interactions with Bom on the previous post so let’s shed some light on the YG juniors instead. Even though there hasn’t been much interactions between the juniors and Bom since she went on a hiatus and none of the juniors made comebacks as often or as sooner as we hoped (as expected, Yang Delay), there are still some sweet notable moments I would like to talk about in today’s post.

”Join The YG Juniors In Our Spring Garden” – iKON’s Leader B.I

We’re starting this post off with iKON’s leader B.I that actually recently debuted but before that he went on survival programs with the group he’s leading– which led to interactions with the YG Seniors including Bom. Talking about the survival program, there was this one scene during ”WIN: Who Is Next?” where the YG seniors talked about whom they noticed the most out of all the trainees and Bom noted that she noticed B.I the most because of the way he talks to the camera. That little self-questioning period made her remind of herself, which I would think it has something to do with her past thoughts or something.

And the cute moment from the GIF above where B.I told Bom she’s pretty. (Starts 3:17)

”Join The YG Juniors In Our Spring Garden” – WINNER’s Seungyoon


Cheers to WINNER’s Leader Seungyoon! That’s right, the next part is about his interaction with Bom. There’s not much, but at a certain time there was alot of cute moments between them, a simple Senior & Junior relationship. The above picture is of Seungyoon during a concert before he joined YG Entertainment, co-splaying as Bom for 2NE1’s ”FIRE” performance. Bom liked the picture a while back,

BQ1WTk-CEAAxn84 bom-update-1@haroobomkum: 1st one to ride SsangPark call taxi(Dara’s car=call taxi) is KSY.We went to support him on Inkigayo and eat ^___^He’s really a cool guy~KSY today was so fun~*^^* Look forward to SsangParkTV

Bom’s Twitter update with Seungyoon after he had joined ”SsangPark” for an episode of their hilarious series. In the episode Dara drove them around after picking up Seungyoon from the SBS Building, and basically talked about random things.

Also Seungyoon & Bom promised to have a featuring in Bom’s solo album in the future (whenever that is).

Watch the cute episode below!

”Join The YG Juniors In Our Spring Garden” – WINNER’s Jinwoo



Jinwoo has known to have dreamy-like visuals and he has probably done one of the cutest things that links back to Bom! In their fanmeetings, Jinwoo can be seen cosplaying as Bom for a segment where they covered GD&TOP ft. Bom’s ‘Oh Yeah’. The best part of all, he literally wears the exact dresses as Bom has worn before!

”Join The YG Juniors In Our Spring Garden” – WINNER’s Rapper Mino


Like Jinwoo, there isn’t much interaction besides some during the ”YG Family Concert” encores. Mino usually hilariously plays along or tries to get Bom’s attention for a tiny bit, and it’s just too cute to see. Below is a video of Mino being incredibly playful, trying to get Bom’s attention during the encore stage.

”Join The YG Juniors In Our Spring Garden” – WINNER’s Diva Taehyun


Taehyun and Bom don’t have much interactions beside a few during ”YG Family Concert” encores, and the times Bom has confessed her liking towards the younger male with flawless vocals.

(Skip to 13.02)

During the final battle of ”WIN: Who Is Next?”, MC Daesung asked Bom out of all the trainees, who caught her eye the most? To which Bom obviously, and very cutely, responded with ”Nam Taehyun-sshi?”

(Skip to 18:43)

”Join The YG Juniors In Our Spring Garden” – WINNER’s Seunghoon


Bom and Seunghoon seem to have this push and pull interaction with each other and the most memorable and evident one was the cooking scene on Winner TV, which got them the Chef Line label plus multiple articles written about how hilarious they actually are together.

It also just happens that they’re both funny in a weird way and entertains me so much. I would definitely want to see them as a duo on more reality programs in the future. They love messing with each other though. Just look how cute they are!

tumblr_n3yh1zmMXn1soek5no1_500 5c2aae8191917c72d5f9057a1d36dfb1


”Join The YG Juniors In Our Spring Garden” – Lee HI

Bom and Hayi really reminds me of the times I used to see Bom & Gummy; they remind me of sisters. Bom dotes on Hayi so much it feels like the same thing when Gummy also took care of Bom before she left the company. It feels like one big sister to take care of the other one and they seem to be of the same kind.


Even from the way Hayi sometimes talks and from the way she does the unpredictables, she does remind us a lot about Bom. Not to mention these two cute sister-like figures have collaborated on a Christmas single which features their strong vocals as a duo. I’d love to have them release more unit songs together again in the future.

Check out their aesthetically pleasing and seemingly eerie concept Christmas video!

A cute interaction between Bom & Hayi during a rehearsal of YG Family Concert in Japan & Bom letting Hayi sing along with her during the ”AIA Festival” Encore rehearsal.

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”Join The YG Juniors In Our Spring Garden” – Akdong Musician’s Suhyun


Rarely seen, but super cute! Looks like Bom treats her like a little sister too, the love is overflowing from just simple fantaken shots!

A tiny glimpse of Suhyun & Bom @ 1:52

This concludes our last edition of our ”Spring Garden” series where we have gone in to details about the relationship between Bom, CL, Dara & Minzy, as well as labelmates Big Bang and Bom’s juniors from iKON to WINNER to Lee HI and lastly AKMU’s Suhyun. We sincerely hope you all have enjoyed this mini series which is a slight way of counting down to her birthday. Please don’t forget to comment below the small articles!

Penboy & WLB Staff.


The Tale Of Spring – ”Play In Our Spring Garden with 2NE1”

garden of spring 2NE1

”Play In Our Spring Garden with 2NE1”     – CL

That’s right! On our first installation of these mini-series, we will go on about the beautiful bond 2NE1 has– starting it off with Leader CL! The beautiful interactions of Bom and her dearest Chae Rin, whom she dearly addresses as her sister. The beauty of Bom and CL’s friendship is that despite that there is an age difference of 7 years; they bond together like same-aged friends.

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The Tale Of Spring – ”Find Big Bang In Our Spring Garden”

garden of spring bb

BIG BANG is undeniably a part of Bom’s closest circles ever since their trainee days with Bom being one of the longest trainees in the company. Despite that she is being addressed as their ‘noona’, they seem to fool around with her a lot like a little sister. So in today’s series we shall be compiling a few of my favourite BomBANG moments.

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[Project #12] The Tale Of Spring ♥️ – Birthday Support


Dear Bombshells/Blackjacks, once again we’re at that time of the year where Spring is about to bloom, and our Lady Spring’s birthday hits the calendar—that’s right WeLoveBom is gearing up for another supportive and loving project. We hope that many of you join us this year too, especially after her majestic surprise performance with 2NE1 at last year’s Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Together with fans from all around the world, we plan to have yet another successful project. Our goal this year is almost the same as last year, we hope to reach the $1000 mark or even more.

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