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[WLB NOTICE] The Success of our Mystery Project– ”We’re Going UP!”


Remember our side project that was revealed on the 10th of March?

That project that had a tiny bit of trouble—but managed to be a huge success after all?

WeLoveBom would proudly present you our brief recap of our lovely project involving balloons—to show our continuous love and support for Park Bom. We would like to thank each one of you for actually taking part in this project and providing us with such lovely pictures. Continue reading

090420 2NE1’s Special Debut, ”Top Secret Debut Plans Still In The Making”


2NE1 is dreaming of a special debut.

2NE1, awaiting their debut in May who has had the name ‘Female Big Bang‘, is said to be debuting in a particular way. YG Entertainment is preparing 2NE1’s debut in secrecy.

A spokesperson from YG Entertainment said, “2NE1 will be debuting in a different way to the normal way groups debut and that they are not at the stage to reveal in what way they will be debuting.

2NE1 has already gained popularity through ‘Lollipop‘ with Big Bang which has been number one on many online music charts. It is also said that 2NE1 will be the best rookie of 2009, and because of this, their special debut is getting more interest from fans.

Meanwhile, the song ‘Lollipop’ is hogging the #1 positions on various music charts. Not only that, the song is also doing very well winning the #1 positions on various caller ringtone and bell song charts – one of the most successful CM songs released.

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090418 ”Lollipop” Almost Snags A Win on Music Bank, Is Excluded The Week After


Last week in Music Bank’s K-chart, Lollipop ranked 2nd and surprised alot of fans and people because the song never got any promotion.

However, this week, people were even more surprised that Lollipop was no longer in the K-chart, not even in the top 50.

According to Music Bank’s K-chart website, Lollipop was pulled out/excluded with a reason of that it was a song for an advertisement.

Fans are puzzled by ‘Lollipop’, sang by Big Bang and 2NE1, disappeared on KBS Music Bank K Chart #1 spot contestant list in just 1 week.

The song was up for the #1 spot on the chart during the show on 10th April, together with Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ and Son DamBi’s ‘Saturday Night’. Back then, Son DamBi’s ‘Saturday Night’ had won the #1 spot.

The song was expected to be up for the #1 spot again on 17th April, but many fans are puzzled why it did not appear for the #1 contestant list again, and they had posted up queries on the forums on Music Bank website.

It was then explained that the song being a CM song, has limited number of times it can be up on the chart. This is the regulations set for CM songs for the chart in view for that there will be product placement on the show.

Especially since ‘Lollipop’ is the name of the product it is used for promoting. The reason why the song was up on the chart on the 10th was that it was #1 on various online charts.

Cr. kbites, xRu_Sarangx @ soompi (2NE1’s photos thread); Music Bank’s homepage & YGLadies.com

090410 2NE1 Ranks #1 on Naver Search + Online Popularity Explosion!


2NE1 Ranks #1 on Naver Search

April 10, 2009

New female 4-member group 2NE1 has explosively attracted netizens.According to Naver search engine for singers (chart pictured above), from April 3-9, with the exception of one day, 2NE1 has ranked #1 for the week.

Next month, this “Female Big Bang” is set to debut. Their song with Big Bang called “Lollipop” has been sweeping music charts, and also increasing interest in its individual members (as you can see, Sandara Park, Park Bom, and Kong Min Ji are also within the Top 10 – no CL, though D: ).


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090405 Official Teasers of 2NE1

gallery_01 (1)

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090331 2NE1 & Big Bang’s “Lollipop” Sweeps Music Charts


2NE1 and Big Bang’s “Lollipop” has been sweeping the country’s music charts for #1.

Released on March 27 to the public, it has won the top spot of #1 on music portals Dosirak, Mnet, Bugs, and Cyworld.

The “Lollipop” CM for the LG Cyon was released online on the 30th, and will spread to the public on TV on April 1. The music video is set for April 3, which is expected to draw an even bigger audience from the public.

A YG Entertainment agent said, “‘Lollipop‘ has drawn attention not only because of Big Bang, but because of the interest in the 2NE1 group members, so therefore ‘Lollipop’ has become even more popular.”

2NE1‘s music producer is the trend leader of the music industry and originally from 1TYM, Teddy, and also Big Bang’s leader and producer G-Dragon. 2NE1 will officially debut in May.

Untitled-2 hgs21rank-lollipop-debut-ranking-mnet

Cr. Newsen  via soulfull, MNET, heygingersnap@ygladies.com

090330 YG Announces Name Change, From ”21” to ”2NE1”


YG clears up about the matter of ‘Female Bigbang’ group 21 having the same name as another singer.

YG said, “It is such a shame that we didn’t thought of a singer with the same name. Even though we do not have any plans to change their name, we will change the English name of ‘To Anyone (투애니원)’ to 2NE1. Though they have the same name, the meaning to the names are different. Hence we hope that fans will not misunderstand. Please continue to support the group.” Meanwhile, 4-member group 2NE1 prepares to debut in May. YG  further stated, “2NE1″ will be used as their logo,once they truly debut through an album or single.”

YG has officially decided not to use ‘To Anyone’, since that is already being used by the artist 21 (To Anyone). He said, “I’m so sorry to 21. We did not check in advance if anyone else had the name. 2NE1 will be their official name.”NE” stands for New Evolution,and the “21” also stands for the 21st century.Therefore,2NE1 will be the new evolution of the 21st century.YG also said, 2NE1 will be introduced as a female group with always having new challenges with a new form of music.” 

A YG rep said, 2NE1 will formally debut in May,and have been preparing for 4 years for good songs and activities this year.”

Cr. Kbites, Mydaily, JoyNews & YGLadies.com

090329 ”21” To Become YG’s Hit Girl Group


The time when you could survive with just one hit success has passed. With the new spring atmosphere, many entertainment companies are moving busily to receive warm spring, which symbolizes change and freshness. YG Entertainment, SM entertainment, DSP entertainment, JYP entertainment are all working their hardest to mark their grounds; to make groups that represent their company.

First of all, YG has revealed their plan; they are preparing to debut a new female group to continue the legend of Big Bang (debut in 2006); 21 (To Anyone) is scheduled to debut soon.

21 is already experiencing publicity before their official debut for singing ‘Lollipop’ with Big Bang.  Lollipophas been ranked on the top on many music downloading sites amongst songs of  Son Dam Bi, Seo Taeji, and Super Junior.

They are stirring up high interest already for being the first female idol group YG is showing. A producer said about this phenomenon as ‘nothing guarantees your safety with just one hit group.

If you have successful male and female groups, it definitely helps in promoting the new singer/group you may be preparing.  Because the fans most consist of young teens to 20s, the presence of male and female groups become crucial.

Hence, many entertainment companies are trying hard to create that successful idol group’.

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